Mandiri is one of the banks that has contributed to the world of banking and the economy in Indonesia. Therefore Mandiri want to realize a better service quality as they said at part of long-term strategy & plan 2015-2020. For that reason Kynerja was incorporated in the project “business process reengineering” which was carried out by Mandiri in 2017-2018 by using PEGA platform in pursuing business transformation and Kynerja able to answer and provide solutions above the complexity of the Mandiri business culture.

Products :

  1. Sales Automation. Sales Automation is implemented in Mandiri to optimize user or sales works in recording prospective customer data before it will be further processed at the Loan Origination stage. With PEGA, sales are alleviated in decision makings regarding to eligibility and recommendations for prospective customers.
  2. Loan origination. Loan Origination is an advanced process of Sales Automation. Loan Origination processes data on prospective customers who are eligible to apply for Mandiri products, including credit cards, KPR and prisma. PEGA alleviated users to process data and make decisions to determine whether eligible customers for the product. Since fewer user intervention in decision making will minimize human error and other frauds.