Provide thought-leadership for customers during their efforts to define and document the functional requirement blueprints starting from Inception, Elaboration and Transition phases of the PEGA project. This includes gaining understanding of the current processes, policies and technical landscape, finding synergy with the available PEGA capabilities and to define a road-map of a future state improvements, incorporating best-practices and domain knowledge experience.


Provide the design and technical implementation skills needed to complete the solution. System Architects absorbs the requirements, conceive an implementation approach to configure PEGA application assets such as Process Flows, UI Forms, Automated Rules & Decisioning Steps, Integration Connectors, Correspondences and Reports. System Architects adhere to a strict guidelines of implementation best-practices to ensure delivery quality and reusability.


Ensuring the built application is behaving as it should be with no surprises. QA Specialist will also contribute with the generation and documentation of Test Scenarios/Scripts as well as the Execution of such Test Scenarios/Scripts.

Build. Adapt. Excel..